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Our vision is to become the country's leading sustainable brewery

Our vision is to become the country's leading sustainable brewery. Sustainability has become an increasingly important part of what we do at Hobsons and we continue to strive to reduce our effect on the environment by embracing sustainable technologies and harnessing the environmental assets where we live. Every decision made has sustainability at the core; additional micro generation technologies, production efficiencies, waste utilisation and ingredient local sourcing.

In 2010 we were proud to collect the SIBA Best Green Business Award and in 2020 we received the Blue Marches Business Award for Water Efficiency. The Marches Blue Business Award celebrates those leading the way in protecting local water resources, focusing on innovative projects implemented by businesses across the Marches and beyond which aim to improve water quality output and cut the use of water within their own organisation. Our implementation of Rainwater Harvesting and our integrated cask washing/filling system are just some of the processes that enabled us to receive this award.

Our Sustainable thinking ...

Ground source heat pumps, GAIA Wind Turbine, Rainwater Harvesting...

At Hobsons we don't just follow others when it comes to sustainability we also create innovative solutions where there were originally barriers. For example when we were told there were no technologies to simultaneously heat our bottle conditioning room and cool our barrel store utilising a ground source heat pump system we designed our own solution.

For the past five years we have created an imaginative yet environmentally efficient system that recovers heat from the cold store return. Four boreholes were sunk providing a constant 11°C of water that is then compressed for heat or cooling or both, it is so effective that we now heat the offices using the same system.

To enhance the efficiency of the ground source heat pump we installed an 11kw GAIA Wind turbine, a pretty twin blade design that powers about a third of the brewery's requirements. When the turbine is used to power the compressors that provide heating/cooling from the boreholes a super efficient system is created. We have installed a rainwater harvesting system to capture surplus rainwater from the extensive roofs of our barrel and bottle store and utilise this grey water for vehicle washing, general wash-down, hand wash and toilet flushing. As well as large-scale technologies we have also embraced small changes that all contribute to sustaining our environment. Amongst these changes are the introduction of light weight beer bottles that have reduced our packaging waste.

Our latest Sustainable thinking...

In December 2014 we installed Photovoltaic Panels with individual inverters to harvest the most energy, incorporated with our Wind turbine we now produce circa 40% of all our electricity power.

In 2013 we constructed a 100m² Taproom from local stone with a high thermally efficient roof and windows, all heating is sourced from waste hot water and fed via the underfloor heating loops.

Case Study:

2017: Integrated cask washing/filling plant with AD waste collection facility

Hobsons Brewery is one of the largest breweries in Shropshire and leads the field in sustainable technologies, innovating new ideas, community involvement and environmental awareness. The project commenced in 2017 and saw the development of an integrated cask washing and filling system within an automated hygienic environment. The overriding benefit of the project is the vastly improved method of filling with a resultant quality improvement of the product for the end consumer. The innovative design allows segregation of organic waste and chemical waste. Currently 10,000 litres per week of liquid organic matter is sent to AD generation. After trialing a pilot, a new conveyor system  was installed allowing the safe removal of brewers grains for both animal food and AD waste collection. The project has been part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

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